A Whisper of Bones

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A Whisper of Bones was less of a whisper and more of a scream. What you would expect to be only one storyline ended up being multiple stories tied into one. It honestly seemed like too many stories in my opinion because there was so much going on and so many characters to keep track of.

Basically, this is what you need to know. Britt Ickles is in Minnesota for a conference, which just so happens to be near her mother’s hometown. Since her mom recently passed, she decides to see the family and reminisce on old times. Britt hasn’t seen most of her family since she was six, so she is quick to catch up on the things she remembers, like her cousin Timmy. However, her aunts tell her very early on that Timmy is not a real person and that he never existed.

Incredibly confused, Britt seeks the help of Jane Lawless, a private investigator. With the help of Jane, more stories unravel, and we learn that in this small neighborhood there are so many secrets – arson, affairs, murder, anger issues, buried bones, and hidden sexuality. Good news: every mystery is solved and you are left with all questions answered. Bad news: the author, Ellen Hart, has way too many missing words in a published book.

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