I’m Taylor N. Wilson, but you probably know me as Taylor or your daughter/wife (thanks Mom and Josh for reading this blog). I am the wife of a communication Rockstar, a momma to an anxious fur baby, a 7th grade ELAR teacher, and an avid reader.

Welcome to my little book nook!

My adventures with blogging first started back in my young 20s when I set off on two very life changing adventures. As a 20 year old, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, Italy; then, three years later, I taught English in Namibia, Africa. During both of those monumental experiences, writing was an outlet for me to inform others, work through emotions, and create.

It has been some time since I’ve been a part of the blog world. I didn’t exactly lose my voice when it came to writing, but I truthfully didn’t think I had anything to say once I returned to reality, so I’ve been keeping a lot of my writing pieces private.

With the encouragement from my sweetest cheerleader, my husband Josh, I think I have finally found a niche that I can get behind.

I hope you find something amazing to read while you are here!