All the Missing Girls

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Ok, I’m currently in a huge mystery/suspense phase, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! For an English teacher, the school year is crazy hard and exhausting, so it can be difficult to read for fun. I feel like I spend more of my free time looking for short passages that my students will enjoy instead of reading for myself. Therefore, when I’m ready to put my own reading first, it has to be a book that keeps me wanting more. Thankfully, suspense novels pretty much always take care of that for me.

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda is one that I originally pinned to my Pinterest board back in the summer. I’ve wanted to buy it, but I’m an impulse reader and when I want a new book, I always buy what’s right in front of me. I persevered though, and I finally made my purchase and patiently waited my two-day shipping from Amazon Prime.

All the Missing Girls is unlike any suspense novel I’ve ever read. Megan Miranda uniquely organizes this story in descending chronological order – working backwards to solve the mystery of our missing character, Annaleise Carter. Day 15. Day 14. Day 13. The days rewind and begin to collide into the memories from a different disappearance ten years prior.

Miranda allows us to work through the mystery alongside Nicolette, the main character of the story, who recently returned home to tend to her elderly father. Nic is welcomed back South with memories of loss, betrayal, and confusion. Her best friend, Corinne Prescott, disappeared when she was 18, ten years ago, and now Annaleise is missing from the same small-town community. Nicolette is forced to relive Corinne’s disappearance when her family falls under watchful eyes for the second time.

All the Missing Girls is twisted both literally and figuratively, and you are left questioning humankind for all sorts of various reasons. My suggestion, read the book. Just know the ending is not what you expect.

FYI: Chapters are very long so don’t expect to read a quick chapter before bed each night.

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