Beyond the Point

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“Maybe Faith was having the humility to scream at God and the audacity to get up off the floor.”

There’s something about true, deep struggle that will unite a group of people together for life. If you make it multiple struggles, that connection only deepens.

Beyond the Point by Claire Gibson brings together three unlikely basketball players, all from different parts of the United States. Although they are united because of the game, their friendship truly grows because of where they play…West Point Military Academy.

Beginning in the year 2000, we are introduced to Dani, Avery, and Hannah. Over seven years, we get to travel alongside them as they overcome being plebes, process September 11th and their own demons, and face loss head on.

With the support of a tight-knit community and a faith that can even begin to make the doubtful question, these three women show readers the strength it takes to go to war while making you proud to be an American and a female.

In honor of July Fourth, I highly encourage picking up Gibson’s book this summer season.



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