Clock Dance

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Before my first date with Josh, I knew I was interested in him. However, he had not really paid much attention to me. In fact, I was headed on a blind date the first time he ever really texted me and asked questions of true interest.

Headed to that blind date and the whole time on it, I had one thing in the back of my mind…Josh Wilson. I wanted to give the stranger in front of me a chance, but it was hard because Josh had something about him that was so completely different than any man I had ever been interested in before.

In a lot of ways Clock Dance was the blind date of my book life. Although I first started it and loved what I was reading, it quickly became a second thought with the start of school prep, meetings, and classroom decor. Every night when I picked it up, I read a few pages but found myself waking up with my book shut and my bookmark somewhere on the floor. It wasn’t a bad book. It wasn’t a boring book. But, it didn’t keep me awake after hours of extroverting my way through an introvert world.

Clock Dance follows two short snippets of Willa Drake’s previous life and one current event. The first short snippet explains to the reader how her mother is less than stable as she disappears from the family for a few days for the umpteenth time. This story drew me in. I was so eager to see how this affected Willa’s future.

The second short snippet discusses the loss of Willa’s husband, a man you aren’t really sure you want her to be with in the first place. It upset me to see that she had settled for a man that she had so many uncertainties surrounding.

These both lead us to the current event in Willa’s life, which unfortunately lost my interest. Willa gets a call from a stranger saying her son’s ex-girlfriend has been shot and needs assistance. For some outlandish reason, Willa goes north to Baltimore to see how she can assist Denise and her daughter Cheryl. While in Baltimore, Denise finds a new purpose for her life and changes her world as she knows it.



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  1. Love the phrase “extroverting my way through an introvert world”! I definitely can relate. And thanks for letting us know that this doesn’t seem to be a must-read book (not that I read much fiction, I must admit). Thanks for doing the heavy (reading) lifting for us!

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