Girl, Wash Your Face

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“Strength is never easy to come by.”

I needed to hear those words. I needed to be reminded of how much work goes into fighting for yourself and the things you value.

Although I naturally flock to fiction, occasionally, I need some non-fiction to settle me. As someone who is prone to anxiety and struggles with true OCD, too much fantasy and too many thrillers can get to me. I need to be uplifted and surround myself with words that help and don’t hurt. Words that remind me of Jesus and strength and perseverance. Not words that revolve around murder, affair, and romance. So this time around, I turned to Girl, Wash Your Face.

Although I don’t feel like I really needed any of Rachel Hollis’ advice for the first time, I will say that having words spoken to you again in times of angst is such a blessing. I truly enjoyed Hollis’ authenticity, which I still believe is what the church as a whole lacks. Instead of cookie cutter stories that point to Jesus, she shares real, ugly truths that point to Jesus. Ones that you want others to never know. She has also found a beautiful way to speak to everyone through word regardless of his or her religious affiliation.

While reading this book, one of my biggest realizations was that I have no idea who Rachel Hollis is. That has nothing to do with her not being amazingly hardworking but everything to do with me apparently living under a rock. She has an incredibly successful business and several well-known fiction books that I am excited to indulge in.

Girl, Wash Your Face will bring you life and remind you that some days you just have to suck it up and turn to Jesus.




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