I’ve Got My Eyes on You

The Book Nook

A recent high school graduate headed for Princeton, a young man with intellectual disabilities, and a random tow-truck driver all have one thing in common. At some point, they are suspected for the murder of Kerry Dowling.

Kerry, an athletic and vivacious graduate, decides to throw one last party before all of her friends head off to different parts of the world. However, a lot happens that night that she never expects – a fight with her soon-to-be Princeton boyfriend, a special neighbor upset about not being invited to her party, and the biggest shock of all, her own murder.

As her mother, father, and sister, Aline, work to figure out who the real murderer is, we learn secrets about the town and the people that reside in this sweet New Jersey suburb. Wanting to be helpful, everyone seems to have some information to share, but there is one student, Valerie Long, that is tight-lipped and not ready to budge. As the story unfolds, depression and worry flows through the story, but there is hope to come.

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