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I’ve had the privilege and the requirement to read several books within the last few months that I would never pick up on my own. From The War of Art, to Thank You for the Feedback, to Journey into Power, my mind has absorbed facts, motivation, and purpose in new ways. Some of these books were easy to read, some were quite painful, but they all gave me more insight into who I am and who I want to continue to become.

Journey into Power was by far my favorite read from the TEP yoga list, aside from The Gifts of Imperfection, which I reviewed a few months back. It is similar to a textbook, but it is a textbook that you will not struggle to read if you love and believe in the art of yoga.

Baron Baptiste, the founder of Baptiste yoga, does an amazing job at explaining yoga and the five parts that make up Journey into Power. Baron addresses rewiring your mind, daily Power Yoga practice, a cleansing diet, meditation, and journeying into real life. He breaks down the 11 series of the Journey into Power flow, giving immense details on the 53 different postures the body will create within the 90 minutes. Each move is beautifully detailed through words, photos, and includes risk factors, modifications, and a spiritual/mental focus.

Baron continues throughout his book by explaining the way Americans and many others experience food. He brought new light into my life and the reasons I eat, none of which really come down to life or death experiences. Instead, I became more aware that food for me is always affiliated with a feeling, primarily the feeling of, ”I deserve this.” Baron Baptiste connects food to our wounds and explains that, ”Our relationship to food heals when we heal our emotional wounds.”

Baron Baptise’s words will make you want to unroll your mat to take child’s pose and even consider a healthier diet for your life.

Additional Yoga Reads:

  • Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar
  • Happy Yoga by Steve Ross

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