Lawn Boy

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Disclaimer: F-bombs are heavy handed.

In most ways, Mike Munoz and I are very different, but we still have a few similarities. A biracial landscaper, Munoz, is tired of playing the game, and I get it. He’s tired of telling people what they want to hear. Tired of being what people think he should be. Tired of a broken system. He’s constantly grinding, trying to find any way possible to make ends meet.

Lawn Boy is a novel that sheds light on both racial struggles in America as well as poverty issues that are taking place every day in our own neighborhoods. It’s an easy read, but it still made me stop often and question how I am treating others around me. Am I using people for my own benefits? Do I thank people for the small acts of kindness they extend? Do I lend a helping hand when it is needed?

Set in current times, the story primarily follows the work experiences of our main character. Mike finds himself losing countless jobs over a short period of time, and it’s not because he isn’t trying. A little under qualified for high paying positions, Mike puts his trust in others to help guide and mold him. Along the way, he learns that not all leaders are honest, have the best intentions, or know what they are doing. In order to bring about change, he needs to become a leader and start down a new path. Through his adversity and findings, Mike shares about the struggles his family faces constantly, and he unravels one of his biggest unknowns about himself.

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