One Day in December

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Before I give a full review of One Day in December, I have a serious question… Can there ever be a romance novel that is void of affair, divorce, or drama? Think about it. Have you read one? Would you read one? If you can answer either of those, please let me know.

With that being said, I present to you One Day in December – a sweet, simple read set once again in England. (It appears that a majority of the books I love are in England. Maybe it’s my cue to go back for a bit.) This story covers ten years of friendship, love, and so much drama.

Laurie, the main character, has just found the love of her life. However, she never speaks to him. In fact, they only lock eyes for a few minutes before they are both headed in different directions – Laurie on a bus headed home and mystery man at the bus stop, left for someone else to find.

Not one to usually believe in love at first sight, Laurie cannot get this mystery man out of her head, conforming her beliefs that this type of love may actually exist. Her mystery man becomes so a part of her life that she spends the next year looking for him whenever possible. That is until her best friend, Sarah, introduces Laurie to her new boyfriend, Jack. Jack is everything she has been looking for. In fact, he is the exact man Laurie has been searching high and low for.

Because a good friend does not break up a relationship, Laurie does what she believes is best and never confides in Sarah about who Jack is to her. I mean, in reality what could she possibly say? Break up with; he’s mine? He really wasn’t anybody to her, so Laurie must pick up her chin and live her life.

One Day in December is told from two perspectives. We get to hear what Laurie faces in the first ten years of meeting and knowing Jack. We learn about her work struggles, relationships, and love for her family. We also get to hear Jack’s side of things as he shares about his relationship with Sarah, his desire to become a DJ, and his thoughts the night he first locked eyes with Laurie.

Lighthearted and filled with all stages of relationships, you are sure to relate to one character or another.



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