Paris For One


I’m currently in the process of reading Little Women. And although it is quite good, it does not keep this tired teacher awake at night during this very long season of no three-day weekends or holidays. Therefore, I had to take a short break to fit another book into my reading schedule. My TBR list was still growing, but I was only growing more tired… What’s a girl to do?

I just finished Paris for One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes. Because Paris for One is the bulk of the book, it is my main focus.

Nell, a young British female, overly consumed by rules and the right decisions, “spontaneously” decides to make her first big trip out of England. Headed to Paris with Pete, her current boyfriend, she knows exactly how the weekend should go. However, her boyfriend never shows up. In fact, he lies and stands her up. Therefore, she finds herself overwhelmed, anxious, and alone in Paris.

At first, Nell is hesitant to leave her comfortable hotel, but with the help of the concierge, she decides to travel outside of those four walls. Once out, she meets the charming, creative Fabien that changes her international experience. Not only does she get to see all of the amazing sights, but she gets to see herself in a new light too.

Is there any point though if it is just for three days?

Should his entrance into her life make any difference at all?

Read to see how Nell becomes a girl that even her friends don’t recognize.

**As for the eight short stories that follow, they are a very easy read. However, several include affair and women walking out of bad marriages. I am not a fan of that storyline and believe it is overused.**

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