Recipe for a Perfect Wife

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Men, that probably never read this blog, don’t let the title of this book full you…Recipe for a Perfect Wife will not all of a sudden give you a wife that is eager to do all of the things you currently hate doing. In fact, it will only continue to promote that strong, independent female role that the world loves so much.

Set in the same home during two time periods, the modern day and the 1950s, Karma Brown weaves the story of two housewives together seamlessly.

Nellie Murdoch, a 1950s housewife, appears to have the perfect life. A doting husband, a baby on the way, and a garden filled with all of her favorite things. However, really only one of those things remains true throughout the whole story, keeping her afloat and protected from societal norms and a life her mother warned her against for years.

Alice Hale’s story, although quite different, has the makings for a similar outcome… Alice Hale, recently forced out of her career in PR, finds herself moving to the outskirts of New York City with her “supportive” husband. However, as she transitions into her new role as a stay-at-home wife, Alice discovers that her marriage is not as solid as she once imagined. The couple continuously lies to one another about their daily interactions, feelings, and life until finally everything catches on fire.

In the new home, Alice Hale begins to learn a lot about Nellie’s life, and she sets out to discover as much as possible from her new neighbor about the history of the home. With a stack of letters and a cookbook that was hidden in the basement, you’ll start to blend the two stories together and wonder if any happy wife is truly safe.



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