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I’ve been a little MIA on reviewing books since the start of the school year. As I adjust to a new schedule, new district, and new school, my ability to read as freely has diminished some. Although I have finished books, I have not felt the need or desire to review them – partly because they weren’t the best books in the world and partly because I’m just tired.

However, I’m coming back and promising myself that although I don’t have many people reading through these reviews, I do know there are a handful of people that have found their next read off of my suggestions. So, here I am, and I present you with Something in the Water.

Some of you may have seen this newer release on Reese’s booklist over the summer. Although there is a brief tropical encounter, it is by no means only a book enjoyed during the summer months, so I encourage you to pick it up during this seasonal transition.

This story, which spans from July to December, covers so much! Starting off on in December with Erin, a newly married bride, digging a hole and burying her husband on her own, we automatically know that something has gone very, very wrong. But what?

As the story rewinds back to October and unfolds for the reader, we learn about financial struggles that the couple is faced with. We also learn of Erin and Mark’s desires to get pregnant and celebrate their love with the best wedding. With the loss of Mark’s job at the start of the story, the couple is forced to make changes to their important day. However, the couple manages to keep one thing almost perfectly intact, and that’s their honeymoon in Bora Bora. During their tropical stay, the couple accidentally finds millions of dollars worth of goods, information, and weaponry. Unsure of what to do, they toy around with a few ideas before taking the money and going home.

Once home, life does not slow down. Erin, a documentarian working on a film about the release of three prisoners, and Mark, desperately looking for a new job to provide for the family, find themselves being watched and left with silent messages over the next few months. Does somebody know they have this money? Are their lives in danger? It all gets real when another British couple vacationing in Bora Bora suddenly appears in the news after a freak scuba diving accident…a couple that Mark and Erin met and resemble in many ways.


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