Surfside Sisters

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I have a list of 27 books to review, and if I’m being honest, I’d rather keep reading than writing. You see, comparison is a tricky thing, and I follow a lot of book bloggers and bookstagram accounts. However, what I was reminded just a few weeks ago is that not everyone is as book obsessed as me, and that what I share does impact a few people here and there… Also, it’s summer, so who doesn’t want more book suggestions?

Because Josh and I cancelled our trip for my cousin’s wedding that was postponed, and we obviously can’t  go anywhere else in the world due to the pandemic, I’ve been devouring a lot of summer and beach reads. In fact, 5 of my 27 are all “beach reads.” Have I mentioned that I love Elin Hilderbrand and basically buy books that are lumped into her category? Sometimes you just need a feel good, lighthearted book…or twenty.

A favorite of mine during quarantine has been Surfside Sisters by Nancy Thayer. This is my first Thayer book, but it opened my eyes to the fact that I was allowing comparison to keep me from writing and sharing my opinions.

In Surfside Sisters, Keely and Isabelle have been best friends since elementary school, and they both have the same big dream of writing books. Keely has less opportunities available to her as a child, so even though she loves Isabelle deeply, she can’t help but envy her best friend’s elitist lifestyle. Isabelle has it all, but she’s easily blinded by boys and believes she deserves more than the next.

Surfside Sisters takes us from elementary school into Keely and Isabelle’s late twenties, showing us how they navigate their Nantucket lives, relationships, fame, loss, and jealousy. If you’ve ever had an ounce of competition with someone you dearly love, you will relate to these struggles on Nantucket.

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