The Au Pair

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As Seraphine mourns the loss of her father, she comes across the first picture ever photographed of her family. However, it leaves her with more questions than answers. A twin to Danny, Seraphine finds that the photo she has just discovered only contains her mom, older brother Edwin, her dad, and a newborn baby, which makes absolutely no sense because shouldn’t two babies be photographed in the first family photo of five?

Having always suspected that something was not quite normal in her family, Seraphine begins to believe that she is not the biological child of Dominic and Ruth Mayes.

Knowing that Edwin, the eldest, had an au pair, Laura, at the time of their birth, Seraphine begins to make contact with the past by reaching out to a now grown Laura. Told from two perspectives, Emma Rous’ story, The Au Pair, allows the reader to go back into time and hear Laura’s events about her time at Summerbourne. She sheds light on the family dynamic, the complications that surround the Mayes family, and the love affairs that create a huge mess for the future of the Summerbourne estate.

If you love family drama, The Au Pair is a must read.


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