The Husband Hour

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The Husband Hour had a slow start for me. Even though I didn’t really know much about the storyline, I expected to instantly be sucked in to the story because I had heard such positive reviews. A lot of my early struggles stemmed from the main character, Lauren. A little weak and desperate, Lauren is constantly worried about the image of her late husband, Rory, that she doesn’t even realize how unhealthy their marriage and dating experience was. She clings to memories from when she was fifteen instead of the truth of the relationship leading into marriage. She even blames herself for Rory’s death, and she refuses to move on.

In the end, The Husband Hour really is a great book! The plot is well thought out and delivered. The annoyances you face with the characters make them real and relatable.

Here’s what you may want to know – Lauren, a widow to a professional hockey player turned soldier, starts her life over at her family’s vacation home in New Jersey. Almost five years after her husband’s death, Lauren is still struggling to process his loss for reasons nobody knows but her. There’s deception she has not revealed and deception she doesn’t even know. While she is processing, Matt Brio, a documentarian, shows up in town to interview her and anyone else he can in order to get information on Rory Kincaid. Matt brings to light truth that has been hidden for nearly a decade. His role in this story changes everything for Lauren and her family.

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