The Identicals

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Guys, I miss spending time with the Frost twins…

You know when a book is such an easy read and you begin to feel like you are actually a part of the story? That’s how I felt while reading The Identicals. The sisters and their issues were ones I felt I should help to solve, and I wanted them to become the best possible versions of themselves!

While reading The Identicals, I found that Elin Hilderbrand’s piece of fiction has several similarities to The Parent Trap but requires a more mature, adult audience. Filled with drama that quickly reminds you that your personal life is relatively “calm” and “boring,” the two twins, Tabitha and Harper, find themselves switching roles to make up for lost time and to fix the mistakes in their lives. Harper, the carefree twin who was left with their dad after the family divorce, has just been caught in another bad situation that will taint her name. While at the same time, Tabitha, the uptight twin that got stuck with their elegant, elite mother after the family divorce, realizes she has no control of her teenage daughter and has possibly never truly been in love. The two admittedly switch places and homes in order to focus on themselves, and in a round about way, they help one another. Although the twins do not get along for silly reasons, there is still deep love for the one they have spent their most intimate memories alongside.

As a reader, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to process through all of the struggles with the twins and the other characters that make up their stories. Grab this easy read for your upcoming summer vacations!

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