The Last Book Party

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How many times have you walked into the bookstore and told yourself you were just going to look around but not buy anything? I think I live this lie at least once a month, and I have found that I’ve even started justifying that it’s okay because I know of others that have stacks of unread books that far surpass mine. In addition, I’m an English teacher; I need to be reading.

All of that to say, I had a training a few weeks ago that was less than five minutes away from my favorite Houston bookshop, Blue Willow Bookshop, so I figured I would just go look around for a bit. My browsing turned into a stack of books added to my want list and of course, a purchase. In my defense, The Last Book Party has been on my list to read since its release back in July…

Set in New York and Cape Cod, the protagonist, Eve, classifies herself as a writer, yet she very rarely does any writing. In fact, she is trapped at an editorial job where she spends most of her days dissecting the writing of others that she’s never even met. It’s not until the summer of 1987 after a party in Cape Cod that Eve makes the decision to leave her low-paying job and find a position that will create more opportunities for her career.

As Eve starts on her new journey working as Henry Grey’s assistant, she quickly finds herself in a tangle of lies. She learns the ins and outs of writing that have the potential to break her spirit, and she dives into relationships that could break the friendships she has already established in the publishing world.



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