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Josh and I decided to start a new Christmas tradition this year, and I already love it! On Christmas Eve, we both got to open one present from the other. The present had to be a book. After opening, we spent the evening reading before falling asleep to sugar plums dancing in our heads and reindeer on the roof. My Christmas Eve book was The Lies We Told.

Coincidentally, The Lies We Told by Camilla Way was not just purchased once this Christmas season but twice. After looking through a few of my favorite book Instagrams, I found this story, and I knew I wanted to buy it for my sister. Without knowing, my husband bought it for me too! Great minds think alike 🙂

The Lies We Told allowed me to stay in the thriller mindset I was already in after completely finishing The Wife Between Us. Because I actually started it while reading The Wife Between Us, it was a great transition. I was already in the headspace of tracking down psychos and trying to mentally solve mysteries.

The Lies We Told is 100% based on lies. And although I am not a fan of that in the real world, they make one heck of a good read! Based in various parts of England (because all of the best authors are British), this story spans across decades, cities, and families. However, they are all connected in ways that are unpredictable.

Hannah, a character that starts off at three and continues into her older years, is literally a sociopath. Her mother, Beth, begins to see signs of destruction quite early on, but she refuses to acquire help for her young daughter in order to protect herself and others. Instead of helping her daughter, Hannah takes charge and causes her mother, father, and brother to live in fear for most of their lives.

As that story unravels for us, we also get to know Clara, the long-term girlfriend of Luke Lawson. Although Clara is the main character we follow, we learn most about Luke because he disappears in the second chapter without a trace of where he may be. Clara works alongside Mac, Luke’s best friend, his parents, the police, and a mysterious woman that contacts her through Facebook, claiming to be Luke’s older sister that they haven’t seen in 20 plus years.

With one story starting in the 1980s and the second starting in 2017, you might wonder how these two stories coincide with one another. However, they do, and they do so in a way that can only be crafted by a truly gifted writer.

I highly suggest you add The Lies We Told to your TBR list for 2019. It may leave you a little on edge at night, but it’s so well crafted that it’s worth it!


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