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I’m in a season of devouring words. Ones written in books and ones spoken to me. I am reading more than I can write because there is something in these pages that is giving me new life, renewing my energy that has been so immensely drained in the last four months.

At this time, I sit with a stack of at least seven books that still need to be reviewed, and although I want to just say I’ll skip the reviews, I know it is best for me to push forward. One step at a time because I like knowing that someone, somewhere may benefit from finding a really great book.

The Poet X. Powerful. Moving. Read over and over again good. A book that is just flat out all kinds of feelings combined into one.

Based on the life of Xiomara, better known as X, the reader is brought into a world of poems explaining and depicting the struggles of growing up female and Dominican in New York. This book of poems touches on religion, love, and the struggles of being a daughter, sister, best friend, and first-time girlfriend.

Throughout The Poet X, Xiomara learns that her words hold power. Enough to even bring her grown, strong-willed Catholic mother to her knees.

If this book has been on your list, move it to the top of your TBR stack because it will rock your world in just a few short reads.


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