The Proposal

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The Proposal is exactly what you would expect. Just reading the synopsis on the back, I had a good idea what the rest of the book would entail, and I was not wrong.

Set in California, Nik, a freelance writer, is required to overcome the obstacles of becoming the news of the town after rejecting her “gorgeous” actor boyfriend’s proposal at a Dodger game. Although the two had not been together long nor discussed marriage, Fisher saw an opportunity in front of him and took it. All for the wrong reasons.

Completely surprised, Nik said no, but she was left at the game being ridiculed by all of L.O.V.E’s biggest fans. With the help of Carlos and Angie, two bystanders, Nik escapes the stadium and begins a friendship with the heroic brother/sister duo. Of course, Carlos is a sweet, handsome doctor.

Can you guess what happens next?

Yes, yes…they start “casually” dating, which quite frankly never works. The two spend all of their free time together, but when a serious family emergency arises for Carlos, both Nik and Carlos are left questioning what they are doing.

If you want an easygoing beach read, The Proposal is a great match. Just know it will not be profound or surprising in the end. It is what every chick flick consists of – romance, drama, friendship, and many evolving questions.

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