The Wife Between Us

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OH MY GOODNESS! Guys, The Wife Between Us is a huge hit for a reason. I know occasionally I’ll read a book (The Lilac Girls *cough cough*) that people rave about, but as soon as I start, I just don’t get the hype. The Wife Between Us is NOT that book. I repeat…it is not that book. It deserves all of the positive reviews and posts that it has been given. It is so intricate that every time I have tried to explain the storyline to Josh, I truly can’t do it justice.

This story by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen is so many stories in one. It left me guessing and changing my theories with every chapter. Just when I thought I had it figured out, new information would come up, and I would change my mind again. Each person in the book is placed there for a reason; nobody is free from the web of lies and cover ups in this piece of fiction.

Without ruining the story for you, here is what I can tell you – Two women are in the clutches of one man, Richard Thompson. One woman is about to be completely finished with him, divorcing him after several years of marriage, while the other woman is about to truly start her story with Richard as his new wife. His ex appears to be out to ruin his new marriage, stalking his fiancé and talking “crazy” all the time. She is constantly saying that Richard can’t marry this new girl. However, what we believe is jealousy is so much more… Why can’t he get married again? How did he replace his wife of years so quickly? And what about his very first wife that is barely mentioned throughout most of the story?

The Wife Between Us will leave you hooked.

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