Then She Was Gone

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Guys, Lisa Jewell is just talented. There’s really nothing else I need to say. She just is. She has the ability to create these tangled webs that instantly suck you in.

You may remember, but the first book I reviewed on the blog was I Found You by the same author. I’ve suggested this book to so many people, and I know a few of you have actually read it. So listen up…Then She Was Gone is a must read! I mean drop everything and go to Amazon to purchase this book now.

Then She Was Gone is divided into four parts, mostly following the life of Laurel Mack, a mom whose daughter went missing ten years prior. Each part provides insight into Ellie’s disappearance as we get to know more about her from her math tutor, her mother, herself, and the man her mother chooses to date all these years later.

When Ellie, the golden child, goes missing, nothing stays the same. Her family falls apart while another family unit comes together in peculiar ways. Unsure of whether or not the teen disappeared or was kidnapped, Laurel Mack never truly stops searching for answers until she has them all.

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