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Lately I find myself drawn to novels about writers and bookshops, introverts that spend their days devouring words and dreaming up stories. I guess it’s the Writing teacher (and the introvert) in me longing to surround myself with characters that I can relate to, ones that are both following the normal path of character development while also mentioning stories that I can potentially add to my list of “To be Read.”

A few months back, I picked up The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck at the Houston Public Library. I had never heard of the book or the author, but on a whim, I saw it on the shelf when looking for one book to read that quickly turned into four.

The Writing Desk follows the life of Tenley Roth, a new author that is attempting to complete her second big novel. As the late daughter of Conrad Roth and heir of the infamous Gordon Phipps Roth, Tenley feels serious pressure to create the perfect story to keep her on all of the bestseller lists. Therefore, she is open to any adventure that may lead to a story. In fact, she turns down your predicted writing fantasy, Paris, to travel to Florida and help her sick mother whom she has limited contact with.

While in the south, Tenley and her mom begin to form a deeper bond, and we are introduced to a few other important characters thanks to this trip. We meet Jonas Sullivan, local Floridian, and Birdie Shehorn, a corresponding character from the Gilded Age. Tenley and Jonas are connected through family friendship while Birdie and Tenley are connected mainly through the desk that Tenley obsessively writes at during the season of her second book.

Read The Writing Desk to see how the stories of Birdie Shehorn and Tenley Roth intertwine to leave the whole book industry in awe.


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