Winter Stroll

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If you’re anything like me, you’re not ready to let go of the holidays just yet. Tomorrow, I officially go back to work, but I have found a way to maintain daily festive cheer since Christmas Day…mainly through Hallmark movies and the barenaked tree in our living room that will be boxed and put away as soon as I tell my hubby to get the box down from the attic. Could I get it? Sure, but then the season would officially be finito.

With the exception of Hallmark, another way I have kept my wintery love alive is through Elin Hilderbrand’s winter series. I reviewed the first story in the series, Winter Street, a few weeks ago, so I knew the next three had to go on my TBR list. Winter Stroll came next and just like the first, it maintained the quaint, holiday vibe that I needed.

In Winter Stroll, the story begins exactly one year after Winter Street. The Quinns are looking forward to celebrating another Christmas together; however, this time around, not all of the family will be present. With Patrick serving his jail time, Bart still missing in Afghanistan, and Mitzi barely hanging on in her new relationship with George, the Quinns must come together for a family baptism to remember what they love about the holidays. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done because both Ava and Kevin, currently the two stable siblings, have people from their past reappear. With those appearances, of course drama and conflict arrive once again on Nantucket. In addition, health concerns become a real problem for several of the Quinns. Although some of the concerns are easy to discuss, others could bring about potential shame on the family once again.

Hilderbrand is a genius at creating everyday stories that you don’t want to put down, so if you’re looking for a family to spend some winter nights with, definitely check out this series.



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