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On my last library date with Josh, I picked up three new reads. One of which was On the Rocks by Erin Duffy. When perusing the stacks of all of the books that I had never read or heard of before, On the Rocks quickly reminded me of two things: The cover gave me a Kristin Hannah vibe with the purple sunset, and the storyline reminded me of Elin Hilderbrand’s traditional beach storyline. In the end, this was most similar to a novel written by Hilderbrand. It included breakups, dating, beach adventures, and more.

Although there were a few typos in the book (wrong words used due to speed writing and editing), I enjoyed this story, the characters, and overall, the outcome. It is a very busy time of year, but On the Rocks made it easy for me to want to pick up a book and keep reading.

So here’s what you may want to know…

Abby Wilkes is in the process of planning her dream wedding when her fiancé calls off the big day via Facebook. Completely blindsided by this event, Abby, like any Sex and the City fan, pulls a Carrie Bradshaw and stays in bed for days, completely cut off from the world. The best way to showcase this part of the book is the scene with Carrie Bradshaw in bed in Mexico and all of the girls are going in to check on her, asking her to please eat something. Basically, Abby is not having it.

However, as the book fast forwards, we know Abby does get out of bed and back to eating…So much so that she gains a bunch of weight, joins a knitting club, and has everyone around her worried.

Because Abby has become a complete stranger to most of the people around her, her best friend, Grace, pushes her to head to Newport for the summer to unwind and find herself again. It’s never that easy though because Abby’s ex keeps texting to check in, she can’t seem to meet any man in Newport that is normal, and her best friend is the other woman and continues bringing drama home.

In the end, there is a lot of reconciliation, acceptance, forgiveness, and hope for all that become a part of Abby’s Newport story. Even though their relationships may continue to be on the rocks, they learn that there are always parts of their lives that will be okay.


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